Susie Knows Kerns: Restaurant Row on 28th Avenue

If you are a foodie, Kerns is THE neighborhood for you. The end. Today we’ll feature the restaurant row on 28th Avenue which runs roughly from NE Glisan Street south to SE Stark Street. The cornmeal crust pizza at Dove Vivi is a masterpiece, especially the Corn one with roasted, balsamic red onions. Pambiche is the spot for year-round happy hour with rum cocktails, plantains, and a Cuban sandwich under the outdoor heaters. Navarre is nice for Mediterranean small plates and fine wine. Channel your inner Bourbon Street by sipping a Hurricane and feasting on Shrimp and Grits at Tapalaya. Do not miss the shrub/drinking vinegar-based cocktails at Paadee (Thai food.)

And now we come to two of Portland’s absolute best restaurants that happen to be nextdoor neighbors: Ken’s Artisan Pizza and Bamboo Sushi. Every pizza at Ken’s is divine especially topped with arugula and chili flakes. And Bamboo features my favorite happy hour on planet Earth. The NW Philly Roll is the star. And if you’re feeling adventurous, go for the okonomiyaki (pictured): A Japanese pancake topped with shrimp, scallops, aioli, cabbage and wriggling-from-the-heat bonito flakes!

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