Schoolhouse Lighting decorated interior

Susie Knows Lighting

Last week’s New Year’s Resolution for the Home dealt with decluttering Mt. Paper. This week’s is: Lighting.

A lighting refresh is one of the best bang-for-your-buck fixes you can do for your home and what better time to do it than while the sun has completely disappeared from Portland?! Replace broken fixtures + dead bulbs. And update the ones you’re no longer crazy about. You’d be surprised what a fresh coat of paint and a new lighting source can do to a room!Ceiling lighting from Home Depot

For quick + affordable basics, go to Home Depot but if you have a little extra time to snoop around for a sweet deal, check out the ReBuilding Center on Mississippi. (Great for a shoestring budget or finding vintage scores.)

Stack of affordable lighting fixtures at the ReBuilding Center in Portland, Oregong
ReBuilding Center on Mississippi Ave.

For some dreamy designer knockoffs, I love Globe Lighting, with several metro locales.

Globe Lighting kitchen interior setting

Plus they’ve got the ever popular, ever lovely mid century modern pendant cluster ($214.99):

Mid century modern pendant cluster from Globe Lighting

Schoolhouse is for the perfect finishing touch on a room. Looking to switch from a bedside lamp to a space-saving sconce? This is the place.

Sconce from Schoolhouse LightingBedside sconce photo from @newdarlings on instagram.PNG

Schoolhouse Lighting decorated interior

If you have a bigger budget, Restoration Hardware has your statement lighting covered. Centerpiece chandeliers and swanky floor lamps…

Restoration Hardware crystal chandelier Floor lamp from Restoration Hardware

Finally, Rejuvenation is another favorite, with many items assembled in our very own Portland. And right now, all lighting is 20% off. Like these Cedar & Moss globe pendants!

Cedar and Moss kitchen lighting from Rejuvenation

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