Susie & Team Know the Power of the Parking Strip

At our team meeting the other day Matt mentioned the “Power of the Parking Strip” and its myriad functions – for curb appeal in a first impression, for extra garden space, for adding a burst of blooms that can withstand both April showers and golden showers… So we got to talking about those little strips of earth between the sidewalk and the street and all of the creative ways Portlanders have maxed out their real estate by the road … Today we celebrate the parking strip! Here are some of our favorites we’ve seen over the years – from floral to fun to functional to informative!

Classic Blooms

Tree Time



Memorial ❤️

We haven’t forgotten the classic PDX stables…

And finally … Educational!

Do you have a favorite parking strip in your neighborhood? We’d love to see it. Send us a pic!

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