Susie Knows Kerns: Duffy’s Take

Kerns residents have easy access to the grocery stores of Whole Foods and the new Providore on Sandy which includes various specialty shops like Pastaworks and Little T Baker. Kerns is also conveniently located in between two Fred Meyers, a QFC, and the Hollywood Trader Joe’s. Duffy the Real Estate Dog likes to make the short walk from Kerns to Laurelhurst Park for prime off-leash running and sniffing. Once he’s pooped out, he likes to plop down in the field and watch ducks swim in the pond under the drooping trees and beautiful natural landscapes laid out by the same firm that designed Central Park in NYC. Close to Laurelhurst Park is Music Millennium (pictured). In business since 1969, it’s one of Portland’s best record shops for both CD and vinyl needs. And it’s right across the street from Laurelhurst Market – a butcher shop known for steak that just so happens to consistently make my very favorite fish dishes in town.

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