Susie Knows Kerns, Part 1

Kerns is a real estate hot spot located in inner northeast Portland and bordered by the Willamette River to the west, I-84 to the north, Laurelhurst to the east, and Burnside and Stark Streets to the south. Due to its bustling restaurant rows, Kerns is a mix of commercial and residential areas. The formerly more industrial west Kerns is now prettying up with more and more restaurants, bars, and condos, condos, condos. Many of the large Craftsmans of yesteryear are being converted to multiple-unit dwellings. As you move east in Kerns you begin to get the residential feel of the classically gorgeous Laurelhurst neighborhood. Kerns is Very Walkable ( and a Biker’s Paradise ( And lucky Kerns residents get to walk and bike to the historic Laurelhurst Theater for $4 movies, pizza, and booze on tap (kombucha too!)

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