Susie Knows Arbor Lodge, Part 2

Duffy the Real Estate Dog loves Arbor Lodge Park. There’s an off-leash area conveniently next to the tennis courts and Duffy pleads the fifth if your ball goes missing! This park has a revamped outdoor water play area for kids and plenty of field space for sports. I also love how the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association meets to discuss what trees to plant. Arbor Lodge residents sit upon a goldmine of close, easy grocery options with the recently-built New Seasons and the super-sized Fred Meyer. A fun way to cap off the work week is Fish Fry Friday at Poshette’s Cafe. It’s a pescatarian’s dream with several veggie sides … all enjoyed out on the patio. Or pop into the past by visiting the classic diner full of regulars that is Nite Hawk Cafe.

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