Susie Knows Piedmont

The charming Piedmont neighborhood was mapped out in 1889 and billed as “The Emerald, Portland’s Evergreen Suburb, Devoted Exclusively to Dwellings, A Place of Homes.” And it still retains that feel today. Largely residential, Piedmont is a great place for families as Peninsula Park is a dream spot for kids. (More on that later this week.) Piedmont is rated a Biker’s Paradise on and Very Walkable on

Errands that require a car are made easy by Piedmont’s proximity to the Fred Meyer and New Seasons groceries in the bordering Arbor Lodge neighborhood as well as easy access to the interstate. There are a few corner stores and in-and-out eateries but the appeal of Piedmont is that it’s largely non-commercial. It’s welcoming to families of all incomes with its mix of newer, affordable eco-condos and older, historic homes. Hot tip: Check out the Doll Asylum in October. A couple opens their private residence to the public for all to see their creepy collection of dolls!

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