Susie Knows Cully, Part 2

Duffy the Real Estate Dog’s park of choice for off-leash play is Fernhill Park on the western edge of Cully. When Duffy is leashed he enjoys sniffing around the pristine Kʰunamokwst Park and watching skateboarders *attempt* tricks at the skatepark. This gorgeous park is about to celebrate its 1 Year Birthday and with its extensive play/water area for kids and picnic pavilion with a living roof, it’s been a welcomed addition to the neighborhood. Another Cully gem is its burgeoning restaurant row on NE 42nd Ave. Grab a croissant at Delphina’s Bakery or breakfast burrito at Ole Frijole in the a.m. Then for lunch choose between (or choose both, I won’t judge) a big, fat slice at Red Sauce Pizza or rotisserie chicken from Pollo Norte. The dinner date spot on 42nd is Old Salt Market. You can’t go wrong on this menu but the seasonal hearth toast and cheddar polenta are my winners. And if late night bar food is more your speed then NEPO 42 is a big, sinful cut above the frozen stuff out of a bag. Consider Cully!

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