Susie Knows Cully, Part 1

As Portland’s market continues to rise, many people looking to stay under 400k have found a cozy nook in the still-affordable Cully neighborhood of northeast Portland. I currently have a house under contract there and I really like Cully because with a little bit of exploring you can find neat little pockets of revamped houses hiding on large lots. Sidewalks and bike infrastructure are still being established and now is a great time to buy in a developing part of our community that’s a little more laid back than the fancier parts of town. Formed in 2010, Living Cully is a collaboration between Habitat for Humanity and other Portland organizations to make quality, affordable housing available to Cully residents from a diversity of backgrounds. A lot of care is being poured into Cully right now.

Cully residents have access to a large amount of mom & pop corner stores ranging from convenience fare to specialty shops (Caribbean, Mexican, Gartner’s Meat Market.) There’s also an Albertsons in the heart of Cully and a New Seasons in the adjacent Concordia neighborhood to the west. And Cully is about as close to the PDX airport as a neighborhood can be so it’s a great spot for jetsetters to put down roots.

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