Susie Knows Sullivan’s Gulch

Sullivan’s Gulch has a large variety of housing options making it accessible to people from all walks of life. One can find newer multiplexes right beside vintage apartments right beside historic Portland bungalows all under the shade of giant, flowering trees. Sullivan’s Gulch residents are just a short walk from the commercial Lloyd District, the restaurants on Broadway, and a massive Fred Meyer grocery store, QFC and an on-its-way Green Zebra. Can’t-miss foodie destinations include churros at Xurros & Xocolata, tapas at Ataula, kettle-boiled bagels at Spielman’s, coffee at Costello’s Travel Caffe, and the healthiest, most ridiculously tasty Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad at Blossoming Lotus. And here’s a hot tip: Why wait two hours in line at Nicholas on Grand when it has a second, larger location right on Broadway in the northeast pocket of Sullivan’s Gulch? This Lebanese food institution of Portland dining has the best mezza in town and it comes with a hot, carb-y crown of pita bigger than your head!

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