Susie Knows Gifts for Tweens

Figuring out the perfect surprise gift for our teenage children can be a challenge. What’s cool today can be downright embarrassing  tomorrow and so this year I am recommending a box of beauty and skincare goodies from Love and XO Julia. This PDX-based startup has curated a bunch of fun, gentle products for those just beginning their self-care journey. Creamy face masks, lip glosses, fun accessories and more! Plus, they prioritize cruelty-free and plant-based whenever possible.

The box can be a one-time gift or pick a monthly subscription length of your choosing. I would have loved to gift this to my daughters when they were younger! And I think receiving mail is especially fun now since we’re barely leaving the house!

I’m so proud of my daughter Megan for launching this fabulous company that encourages skincare to our youth. Teaching healthy habits is one of the best gifts we can give!

Full details at


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