Susie Knows Gifts For Kids (Pt. 2)

Market research from my elves continues to pour in! They’ve read every wishlist from across the globe to find out exactly what kids & young adults want for the 2020 holiday season. If you’ve found yourself in the endless internet shopping scroll, maybe this will help? Here are the results:

Charlie (5): Electric train and “Luigi’s Mansion” for Nintendo.

Lucy (7) : Doll house furniture & people and a “Disney’s Descendants Uma doll that sings.”

Singing Uma doll

Jack (8): Lego Ninjago sets and Pokemon cards.

Michael (9): “Legos, Baby Yoda and Mandalorian stuff.”

Isla (11): Big hoodie, yoga pants and slime.

Olivia (12) : Roller skates and Love & XO Julia box.

The Moxi Beach Bunnies are a hot commodity but have been sold out since October!

Ben (13): “Supreme brand stuff” and “Dickies pants baggy style with the double knees.”

Sara (14): Big hoodie, Jeffree Starr makeup palette, Caboodle, incense burner, Vans or Doc Martens shoes.

Adam (15): Air Force Ones (“where you pick the color yourself.”)

Jessie (16): Rose gold karaoke microphone

Julian (17): “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” … “it’s a sequel with the zombies.”

Lily (19) (Resident Gen Z rep & record store employee) reports that her age demo is looking for vinyl! Specifically “Folklore” by Taylor Swift and “stuff by Phoebe Bridgers.”

Hope this helps make life a little easier for Santa so you can finish up shopping and max out the precious time by your loved ones this holiday season. Happy Holidays!

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