soapbox derby car on mt tabor portland oregon

Susie Knows PDX Adult Soap Box Derby

Satisfy your need for speed this Saturday watching homemade soap box derby cars careen down Mt. Tabor. Some cars are there to win, as streamlined as can be to edge out the other 2 racers by an aerodynamic nose.  Other cars are there for laughs – a wiener dog, an office cubicle ready to squirt unsuspecting bystanders with water guns.

Portland Adult Soap Box Derby at Mt Tabor banana car


Prelims start in the morning and culminate in the afternoon championship. The finish line is on the road between the tall staircase on the west side and the large reservoir (#5). Food trucks will be posted up on the opposite side of this reservoir. Fun for the whole family but there is the occasional, um, racy, design.

Mt Tabor map of Portland Adult Soap Box Derby

FAQs here:

Cover photo by Jason DeSomer

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