Portland Burger week photo credit Meg Nanna

Susie Knows Burger Week

$5 burgers are here thru Friday in one of Portland’s most important holidays: Burger Week! 😂 Here are my PDX #burgergoals:

(All of my picks have veg and/or gluten free options)

Downtown: Stacy’s Mom @ Portland Burger (Single malt Scotch secret weapon baste, Swiss, crispy fried onion, and a “sun-dried tomato-vinaigrette drizzle of wrongness” … upgrade to Impossible Burger for $3.50)


Southeast: Carl’s Senior @ DC Vegetarian (VEGAN! Before the Butcher patty, smothered in our sweet and smoky house barbecue ranch dressing and served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles)


Northeast: Chimi Hendrix @ Church (Chimichurri sauce, matchstick potatoes, and sundried tomatoes on ciabatta) (Pictured up top)

North: The Liberace Burger @ BarBar (Truffle salt, fontina, garlic aioli)


Remember to tip generously like the kind Portlanders we are … some of these places get swarmed and the employees are working double-time!

Delicious photos by Meg Nanna from Portlandburgerweek.com


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