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Susie Knows Mortgage Interest Rates

The new drop in interest rates by the Fed means mortgage rates might soon follow. Which means it might be the best time in your life to hop into real estate. Average 30-year mortgage rates are hovering around 3.75% now (it was closer to 5% last year) and:

“Historically speaking, mortgage rates do not have much farther to fall. In the past half-century, the average 30-year rate has never dipped below 3.3 percent.”

-New York Times, 7/31/19

So if you’ve been considering buying a home or investing in property, a magical window may soon be opening so get your ducks in a row now! Get pre-approved for a home loan. And if you have to sell a home first, what needs repairing + sprucing up in order to get Top Dollar on the sale?

If you have any questions or need any help, call me. Let’s talk about your real estate goals!


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