Meet Sarah!

From SF to PDX!

I recently had the chance to help Sarah – the Executive Director of the Good Food Foundation – find a house. Here’s her story!

I’ve lived in San Francisco for the last 12 years, started house hunting there and quickly realized buying a home in a city where the median house price is literally $1.6 million was not going to happen. At the same time, I was looking for a less frantic pace and smaller town feel. I always had a great time whenever I visited Portland.

Since my work running the Good Food Foundation is in San Francisco, moving seemed like a crazy idea at first. I eventually realized it’s close enough to commute once a month and being out of the central office would leave space for our amazing senior team to take on the leadership and responsibility that they are ready for. Plus, since we work on a national scale, not being so tied to the day to day operations will leave me more free to travel and connect with the many partners and supporters we have from coast to coast.

Neighborhood of new home?
Colonial Heights, half a block from Ladd’s Addition

house exterior portland oregon

What were you looking for in a home?
It had to be charming, light filled, quiet and feel like a peaceful retreat. I don’t know much about fixing up houses so it had to be move-in ready. I run 6 miles every day, and having somewhere beautiful nearby to do this was a must. I was also looking for a layout that would make it comfortable to have family and friends visit.

How did the house-hunting go?
I did not expect to find something so fast! I came to town for a long weekend and found it. Coming off of house hunting in San Francisco, the idea that I could afford a place in a central neighborhood that was in good shape was amazing to me. The home I ended up buying ended up being a stretch for me, but I fell in love with it and when I discovered it was owned by someone who is friends with my mentor Alice Waters and who also works in the food movement, it felt meant to be. And like it could be my forever home. I also realized that, even with the stretch, my mortgage is less than the rent I was paying in San Francisco.

susie bought 2018 july grant
What’s your favorite part about your new home/neighborhood?
Everything! I have a backyard with a grapevine covered pergola and big wooden table, so nice to think about future dinner parties there. My neighbors are great, one of them has two 30 year old fig trees in their backyard and which they kindly instructed me to pick figs whenever I’d like. I am within a mile of Salt & Straw, Pok Pok, Bollywood Theater, Scottie’s Pizza, Double Dragon, Oui Presse’s dangerously good pistachio layer cake and half a dozen superb cafes. The hot and sunny summer has been wonderful. People are really friendly and seem to be more interested in connecting with each other, which I love too.

Happy Homeowner getting keys to new house

Thanks for putting your trust in me, Sarah! Welcome to Colonial Heights. I am so happy to have you for a neighbor. Best of luck to you and the foundation!


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