Susie Knows Female Buyers, Pt 2

I recently discussed how single female buyers make up the second largest share of the buyer‘s market. Today’s female focus is on … homework (and how women tend to be pretty great at doing it!)

From my 10+ years in real estate I can assure you of this: House-hunting women know what they want. They usually arrive to our initial meetings extremely prepared. Whether they’re first-time buyers or looking to upgrade to a dream home or downsize to an eco-condo, etc., women have done their research. And this clarity is a great start for the biggest purchase of your life.

And preparedness can look all different ways:

  • Familiarizing yourself with the vocabulary of home purchasing
  • Taking the time to think! Thinking about your Must-Haves (Neighborhood, style of home, price point, schools, walk + bike-abilities)
  • Knowing your deal-breakers. What if it’s a great house but it’s on a busy street? (For a parent or a cat-owner, this could be a no-no.) What if the lot is giant? That could mean yard-work galore (or paying someone else to do it.)

Whatever your homework looks like, hats off to the women who do it! And happy Women’s History Month!

(If you’ve got questions about buying a home, I’ve got answers! Don’t hesitate to call me at  (503) 970-9866)

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