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Susie Knows Front Porches

When my daughters were kids, my husband and I would sit on our front porch and watch all the neighborhood kids play in the yards and sidewalks of Colonial Heights. 20 years later, our daughters join us for al fresco happy hours on the very same porch. I feel so lucky to have this extra space to enjoy Oregon summers.

Front porches are one of my favorite home features. Like the wraparound one on this NE PDX beauty we listed a few years ago:

I love this one up high in Sunnyside too:


In 2006 All Things Considered did a series on the American front porch.

It functions as an important “transitional space between the private world of the family and the public realm of the street,” notes David Schuyler.

But today, many homes don’t have that transitional space, and air-conditioning, television, computers and other enticements draw people inside the home. American porch culture isn’t what it used to be.

Yes, we are more glued to our inside devices now. And affordable housing doesn’t necessarily include the luxury of a front porch. So I say,  let’s celebrate the Portland porches we do have and try rekindling the front porch custom when we can. If you have one, invite a buddy over and start a new front porch tradition of your own. (Once the sun appears, that is!)

Modern take on a front porch in Mt. Tabor

And if you love porches as much as me, come check out this Irvington house hitting the market next week with a classic front porch of its own:

Windermere Slideshow Template (13)

Check back for listing details on

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