Susie Knows Peacock Lane

Scarf + gloves, bus ticket + travel mug of hot chocolate. These are the essentials for strolling Peacock Lane on Sunday night when the holiday light extravaganza opens for the season.


Since 1932, the residents of Peacock Lane have been decking out their storybook homes in festive lights and decorations for all to come and see for FREE. Even coffee and cocoa will be given out for free, with a portion of donations collected going to Morrison Child and Family Services.

Free hot cocoa for everyone. Even if you’re a cotton-headed ninny muggins!


The very best way to experience the magic is on foot. And for the first three nights (Dec 15-17), Peacock Lane is open to pedestrian traffic only. You can park in nearby neighborhoods but better yet, hop on Trimet and hop off right near the Walgreens on SE Belmont and César E. Chávez Boulevard. (Bus lines #15, #20 and #75)

peacock 2 (2)

peacock 2

Looking to grab dinner too? My nearby faves are the Bite On Belmont food pods, ImJai Thai, or Hoda’s.



Happy Holidays!

use this peacock lane

peacock lane 1

peacock 3

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