Susie Knows John’s Landing: Duffy’s Take

Willamette Park takes the cake for Duffy. With an off-leash area and docks jutting out into the Willamette River, there’s no shortage of sites to see and things to sniff. And when Duffy is sniffed out he’s perfectly happy being a spectator to the pick-up soccer games on the giant field – a soccer player’s dream with the river in the background. John’s Landing is a Biker’s Paradise according to as there are plenty of eateries to bike to like Café Du Berry for brunch or Porcelli’s for a Caesar salad and bowl of pasta. John’s Landing is zoned for Wilson High – one of the country’s very best. And another perk for kids? The new Sellwood Bridge is all that separates John’s Landing from Oaks Amusement Park!

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