Susie Knows John’s Landing

For most people, John’s Landing is an area they pass through when driving from SW Portland to Lake Oswego or Lewis & Clark College. But a quick turn off Macadam Avenue reveals a micro-community largely comprised of OHSU employees, PSU students, restaurants and a fabulous park. It’s a newer-feeling neighborhood due to the focus shifting from industrial to residential. There are several apartment buildings and condo towers and while it may not be the destination neighborhood for large families to put down roots, it is a great place to live for outdoor and water enthusiasts or OHSU employees who value a very short commute. Foodies are pleased to find that Zupan’s Market is within walking distance, and a nearby Fred Meyer in Hillsdale rounds out the rest of your grocery needs. Check out the pristine views at Happy Hour at Aquariva Italian Kitchen right on the Willamette River where an occasional jogger or cyclist will pass by on the trail as you sip your wine.

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