Susie Knows Laurelhurst

When thinking of the Laurelhurst neighborhood, 2 things come to mind. The Joan of Arc circle at the corner of NE Glisan and Burnside, as well as the large park named Laurelhurst Park.

Back in the early 1900’s Laurelhurst Park was a farm, as surrounding land began to develop 31 of those acres stayed as the park we have today.  The park is filled with multiple tennis and basketball courts. Great walking/running paths and a large pond sits in the middle; always filled with ducks (go ducks!).

If you love the old theater feel Laurelhurst Theater is also a great go to. They play a wide range of films and a general admission ticket is only $4. It’s a pub as well, serving food and alcohol; great for date night.

-Susie Hunt Moran – 

-Principal Broker | Windermere – 

-503 970 9866-

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