Susie Knows Woodstock

The Woodstock neighborhood has recently become one of the new “hotbeds” of the inner southeast area of Portland. It’s a quiet neighborhood with a happy chill overall vibe.
The neighborhood is complete by having a local branch of the library system. The library is a hit to the locals. It is located on SE 49th avenue, offering all sorts of classes and activities throughout the year, as well as free computer access. The library has been there since 1960, in 1999, they tore down the old building and remodeled it to the building it is today.
DSC_0387Another old-time favorite in this neighborhood is Otto’s Sausage Kitchen, a small family owned business that has been running in Portland since 1922! Specializing in not only sausage, but also other meats including bacon and jerky passed down from family recipes. You can stop by for lunch and enjoy a deli sandwich and buy a pack of sausages to take home for dinner that night. Double the fun, double the sausage; win win!
Otto's,_Portland,_Oregon_-_2012The blvd has some long standing businesses mixed in with new popular spots like Grand Central Bakery and Laughing Planet. Like many other neighborhoods that have grown in popularity , much of this is attributed to the local New Seasons Market coming into the area. This new store for the local market will be right on Woodstock blvd. It will be a great addition to the street and neighborhood.

DSC_0386The orange line has finally started running and there is a stop right on McLoughlin, very close to those living in the Woodstock area. Just a quick stroll down the hill or a hop on the bus will get you onto the max line and into downtown or even as far as the airport. Real Estate in this area has taken off tremendously due to the good schools, the walkability and still affordability for some of the smaller single family homes. Houses start in the 325 range and go up from there.
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