Susie Knows Oregon City

People from Portland commonly say “where is Oregon City.”  It lies on the outskirts and is known as an old town with lots of farm land. Most would be surprised to hear of all the revamp and construction that has gone on in downtown Oregon City. Oregon City is best known to many as the “End of the Oregon Trail” hence the high school mascot is the Pioneers. The town is referred to this because it’s where the trail ended for many due to land claims that were granted.
Oregon City is divided into three terraces,  the lower terrace is where the city first started to develop with their main street, which is referred to as downtown Oregon City today. The upper terrace is where many residential areas and schools developed. Today the set up is quite the same, except the downtown area has been updated a bit. Some of the buildings still have the old early 1900 look to them while others have a fresh paint job. There are all different businesses, restaurants, and little shops downtown that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. My favorite unique store is You Can Leave your Hat On, a hat store, hidden with treasures of all sorts of hats, old fashion to brand new. The barber shop is also a great spot that gives off the old fashion feel, it’s been there since the early 1960s and is still running smooth.

Even though summer is coming to an end a fun activity to try while in OC, is to go down by the river and rent kayaks from eNRG. You can go along the river and enjoy the beautiful view of the Willamette Falls from afar. Highly recommended on a nice day! Another must see if you are interested in history, is the End of the Oregon Trail Museum. You can learn all of the details on how the trail ended for many in this town and what happened next.
Oregon City has become a popular Portland suburb for those who want a good piece of land or to live in a newer construction home. There are still great values in this wonderful suburb but not for long, as the downtown area develops , the real estate will gain momentum.
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