Susie & Team Know Thanksgiving Traditions

Happy early Thanksgiving. We hope this finds you happy, healthy & ready to feast! We are settled in with our families now and wanted to share a few of our favorite traditions we’re most looking forward to as we sit back and ponder how thankful we are for our family and for you – our friends!


I am not a huge fan of traditional Thanksgiving food (stuffing and potatoes are not my fave) but each year we like to come up with new sides to expand the palate with. We have spent 34 Thanksgivings with parts of our very large family but as our kids have become amazing foodies we rely heavily on them to add to the traditions that the Moran traditionalists like. This year a few new additions will be: Vegan Acorn Squash Soup that is made creamy by using cashews. And Nutty Farro with a lemon-tahini dressing, broccoli and olives.

I am so thankful for my clients who have trusted me as their real estate advisor through these very crazy uncertain times!


I’m looking forward to making my crowd-pleaser Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Prosciutto and trying out a Traeger smoked turkey.

I’m most thankful for another year of great business and a new home for my family. We are so fortunate.


One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is spending time cooking with my mom. I usually head over to her house early in the day before the rest of our guests arrive. We cook, drink wine and chat for hours!

I am thankful for so much this year! Play time with my baby niece whose first birthday is just around the corner, snuggles and long walks with our puppy Mia, traveling with my partner Ryan, a great work family with Moran Homes and of course my wonderful network of friends, family and clients who support me personally and professionally.

Jamie’s Thanksgiving spread 2021


My favorite tradition is eating Pan Con Pavo with my family the day after Thanksgiving. It’s a hearty Salvadorian-style turkey sandwich on a bolo roll made with turkey leftovers in a red sauce made from the turkey drippings and fresh veggies. I look forward to it all year long! We usually get more family members to show up for the sandwiches than the Thanksgiving dinner itself.

I’m thankful for being able to go home for the holidays. Nothing better than spending quality time with family sharing good meals and relaxing!

Warmest Thanksgiving wishes to you and your family!

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