Susie Knows 4 Favorites

These last couple weeks have been hard, Portland! Here are some people, places and things that are getting me through these sad times.

  • Playing online Pitch (a card game) with friends on It has a video component so you can see everyone, which is very fun. It also has Spades, Hearts, Bridge, Pinochle, Oh Hell etc. pitch-890x668-1
  • Portland blooms. I can’t stop taking pics of the calendula, magnolia, cherry blossoms, grape hyacinths, etc on my daily walks!

image(3)  image(1)IMG_20200331_175206   image (19)image(2)    IMG_20200330_191400

  • Pizzeria Otto for keeping us fed. We listed a home in the Roseway neighborhood yesterday and we’ve been loving Otto’s takeout special $6 margherita pizzas. The deal runs until 5pm each day and their pizza is perfect. It breaks my heart that they’ve had to layoff employees but I appreciate that they’ve established a gofundme to help.

Pizza in the wood-fired oven from Otto's Pizzeria in Portland

  • And finally, I’m so grateful for my daughter Molly, my niece TP and many more nurse friends for putting yourselves on the front line. Thank You!


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