Susie Knows Pickleball

I played competitive tennis most of my life but after having both knees replaced I needed a sport that was easier on the joints. I missed the cardio and I missed swinging the racquet so much … Enter PICKLEBALL.

You may have heard of the fastest growing sport in the country, but what is it?

Pickleball is a combination of tennis, badminton and table tennis. The court size is that of a badminton court. (You can actually put 4 pickleball courts into one tennis court by taping the lines yourself.) The net is just a few inches lower than a tennis net. We use paddles and a Wiffle ball-like polymer ball. Quick games to 11 points.

Why is pickleball awesome? Let me count the ways…

It’s great exercise for anyone. At first it was big with the aging population looking for gentler alternatives to tennis but now it’s rapidly gaining popularity with everyone.

It’s accessible. Any hand-eye coordination will get you hooked. You don’t have to be a tennis pro and it’s truly a sport not dominated by men. Between the No Volley Zone and the lightness of the ball, no one’s getting slammed by scary projectiles!

It’s fun! One of my pickleball buddies recently said, “Unlike tennis, the only thing you hear on a pickleball court is laughter!” You can squeeze in 4 to 5 games in 90 minutes of fun with your friends.

Whether you’re a seasoned pickleballer or a total newbie … YOU are invited on Saturday (tomorrow, 9/28) to the Pickleball Palooza at the St. Johns Racquet Center. Come see what all the buzz is about and support a great cause… A $10 entry goes straight to the Portland Tennis & Education (PT&E) nonprofit working with at-risk K-12 students to help achieve academic and athletic success! I hope to see you there!

Register for the Pickleball Palooza HERE!

And follow @pdxpickleballclub on Instagram to get connected to this awesome community.

I am always happy to answer any questions or better yet … let’s play pickleball! Shoot me a text: (503) 970-9866

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