Hat Yai fried chicken and curry

Susie Knows Hat Yai

I no longer have to trek across town to get my favorite fried chicken in Portland. Hat Yai just opened a second location in SE PDX on Belmont + SE 6th Ave!


The fried chicken is even tastier than I remember. In combo with the Malayu-style curry and roti bread for dipping, it’s in my top 10 Portland meals. You can also order the Mary’s free-range chicken with a side of sticky rice. The Belmont location has a few things that the Killingsworth location doesn’t like the Goong Tom Gati (shrimp + clam curry, $15).


I liked the broth flavor but the portion was pretty small so I wouldn’t get that one again. Order at the counter for quick + easy service from the mega-friendly staff. Great addition to lower Belmont!


Hat Yai is located at 605 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 97214



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