Susie Knows Hawthorne Asylum

Food cart season is upon us and the Hawthorne Asylum is one of the more recent additions to Southeast PDX. Just a block from Cartopia, this bustling new outdoor space features a dozen or so carts with fabulous variety and affordability. There’s also a fire pit!

On a Friday afternoon it was buzzing with people. Luckily, there was plenty of seating, both sunny and shaded. I loved the Secret Garden ($7) sushi burrito from Rollin’ Fresh. (Asparagus, tofu, slaw + ginger guac.) Loads of healthy options here. Would order again.


I wasn’t crazy about the tempeh patty from Daily Fuel. Now that we live in the age of the Beyond Burger, the plant-based protein bar has really been raised. I did however love the pretzel bun and the blueberry kombucha. (The CBD-kombucha ran out before I could try.)


Tip: If you’re looking for the perfect fried side to go with your main, opt for the veggie pakora ($5) from Taj Mahal. They come with spicy-sweet and minty dipping sauces that you’ll want to pour on everything.


Can’t wait to go back for Egyptian, BBQ and Burmese!

Hawthorne Asylum is located at 1080 SE Madison Street.

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