Susie Knows Foster-Powell

Foster-Powell (FoPo!) is one of the last affordable close-in neighborhoods in SE Portland.


Triangulated by Powell Blvd, Foster Rd and 82nd Ave, it’s a nice blend of young + old and commercial + residential. FoPo-ers enjoy charming neighborhood parks sprinkled throughout (Kern + Essex) with playgrounds, fields and sports facilities that serve as summertime HQs for all the kids.

There are loads of new establishments coming into the area (housing + dining) plus a tasty, affordable restaurant row along Foster.

My FoPo pick of the week: Doe Donuts. Sweet and savory options from key lime pie fritters to “loaded baked potato” and they are exclusively plant-based.



Stay tuned for my closeby listing very, very soon! Remodeled lower level with mega WOW factor.

Susie Knows Foster-Powell (2018)


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