Susie Knows The World Cup (Food Edition)

The World Cup buzz is sorely lacking right now due to the USA not having qualified for the first time since 1986 (boo!) But that’s all about to change next week when the world’s biggest tournament of the world’s biggest sport kicks off in Russia. The glorious month-long soccer tournament will be watched by billions of people and what better way to get into the World Cup spirit than by feasting!

The two current favorites are the defending champs Germany and the team with the most World Cup trophies: Brazil. For German fare head to Stammtisch for a stein of pilsener and a brat (served with sauerkraut and mustard). Or pop into Occidental Brewing on its next Schnitzel Night. And for Brazilian cuisine? Look no further than the moqueca at the Brazilian House food cart at Belmont and SE 43rd Ave. This bright yellow tomato + onion + garlic + coriander + coconut milk fish stew will knock your (soccer) socks off with its complex blend of sweet and savory magic. (Pictured.)

Once you try the moqueca and realize you can’t live without it, I’ll be listing a home a few blocks from The Brazilian House later this month…stay tuned! And enjoy the World Cup!

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