Susie Knows Shakespeare in the Park

Did you know you don’t need to drive down to Ashland to get your Shakespeare fix? There’s plenty of bard-sharks right here in town and my favorite is the daring and dangerous Original Practice Shakespeare Festival. The actors don’t rehearse. All they have to go on are their little scrolls just like it was done in Shakespeare’s time. There’s a “ref” on stage (in stripes, whistle-in-tow) to keep them on track. The audience is free to “Awww” for the star-crossed lovers and hiss at Iago. It’s accessible, it’s fun … And it’s all free! At rotating park venues all around town. (Cathedral, Lents, Willamette, Irving, Gateway, Laurelhurst, Mt. Tabor.)

The 2018 Season officially kicks off on Friday, June 22 with “A Midsommer Night’s Dreame” as the sun sets at Mt. Tabor. In the meantime, there are two shows left in the preseason: “Romeo & Juliet” and a showcase of “Scenes from Shakespeare’s Tragedies.”

The talent in this tiny troupe is astounding. So grab some OP salami, pack a picnic and see ya at the OPS Fest! [Exit. Pursued by a bear.]

Photo: “Henry IV, Pt 1”, May 2018, Laurelhurst Park

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