Susie Knows Pine Street Market

Holidays mean visitors and visitors mean lots of mouths to feed and palates to please! Look no further than downtown’s Pine Street Market – an indoor cafeteria-style dining hall with a Portland classic for everyone. Meats from OPWurst, ramen from Marukin, burgers from Bless Your Heart, pizza from Trifecta Annex (Ken’s Pizza!), tasty vegan bowls and juices from Kure, Bibim Baps from Kim Jong Smokehouse, the best soft serve coffee ice cream from Wiz Bang Bar (Salt & Straw) and any visitor to Portland is forbidden from leaving without trying the radicchio salad from the Toro Bravo empire (in this case, Pollo Bravo.) (Don’t miss the cauliflower with green goddess dressing from Pollo Bravo either.)

126 SW 2nd Ave,
Portland, OR 97204


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