Susie Knows Peacock Lane

We’re just a week away from the quintessential Portland tradition! Peacock Lane, fresh off its addition to the National Register of Historic Places, is a street that goes ALL OUT for the holidays. A billion strings of lights, inflatable snowmen, peppermint doodads, carolers, Grinches, reindeer galore … some homes are classy, some are insane … I love ’em all! The party starts December 15th and remains pedestrian-only through the 17th. And if you’re a true Peacock Lane obsessive, this year you can actually LIVE there for a night or two via Air B n B!

Parking can get tricky so I suggest making an evening out of it by eating close by then making the stroll. (ImJai Thai, the Belmont Food Carts, Horse Brass Pub, Belmont Station, or Russell Street BBQ) See you there!



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