Susie Knows: English Charmer in Beaumont-Wilshire!

I recently listed this gorgeous home in the Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood of Northeast Portland. The period lighting and original leaded windows make it radiate 1930s charm and so does its unique fireplace covered in “Batchelder-style” tiles. What are those? In 1909 an artist named Ernest Batchelder built a kiln in his backyard in Pasadena and started making these tiles. Original themes included medieval scapes, vines, trees, birds, geometric shapes and Mayan patterns…and everyone wanted them! Nowadays the Batchelder mantles are rare gems.

Now, is this one in Portland a Batchelder original? We don’t yet know. I didn’t see its nautical themes in this Batchelder catalog but I’ll keep looking! In the meantime, if you’d like to come see this rare fireplace in this gorgeous home, let me know!


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