Susie Knows NE Killingsworth

Situated just a few blocks north of the dining bustle of Alberta Street, Killingsworth Street restaurants are still a slightly better-kept secret … but no less delicious. I have a listing near 14th Ave and Killingsworth this week so I’ve done some area “research.” Here’s what to eat!:

  • Clam Chowder from Halibut’s at the Piedmont Station Food Carts. (Lots of variety and lots of covered outdoor seating here. Plus beer and cider on tap at … Le Tap!)
  • BBQ at Podnah’s. Or the Migas for breakfast.
  • Everything at DOC. Everything.
  • The World Famous Veggie Scramble at Cup & Saucer Cafe.
  • Queso Fundido at Autentica.
  • Cocktails at Expatriate … and/or the shrimp burrito for brunch.
  • Special Occasion? Beast offers 6-course communal dinners. Very rich, very meat-centric.
  • Soy latte from Extracto. (Pictured) I think it’s the very best one in town.
  • Wine enthusiasts stay tuned: Dame is opening in August. The oenophiles of Ava Gene’s are behind it.

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