Susie Knows the Portland Art Museum

Have you seen “the world’s greatest cat painting” yet? Currently on display at the Portland Art Museum, “My Wife’s Lovers” by Carl Kahler is an 1891 oil painting FULL of fluffy, adorable cats. It caused quite a buzz, err, purr, when it arrived in February but now it’s about to leave! It’s only here thru next Wednesday so take advantage of this week’s First Thursday and go see it for free! (5 p.m. to 8 p.m.)

Long-time PDX residents often visit the museum once and forget about it and its visiting exhibitions. Past highlights for me include R. Crumb’s “Illustrated Book of Genesis,” Ai WeiWei’s “Zodiac Heads,” and the Italian Fashion display of designer dresses. And currently, in addition to the cats, there’s also an exhibition on William Eggleston photography that’s worth checking out. See you there!

Image: Courtesy Sotheby’s.

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