Susie Knows Clinton: Duffy’s Take


Duffy the Real Estate Dog’s Clinton/Division off-leash pick is Sewallcrest Park, which also has a playground, basketball court and soccer/softball fields. He likes walking around Piccolo Park, too, and especially loves getting me lost in the little rose gardens of the nearby labyrinthine Ladd’s Addition. Clinton is both a Walker’s and Biker’s Paradise (94 on, 99! on as everything you need is right there. Even OMSI is in your backyard. Get groceries at New Seasons around the corner or the Hawthorne Fred Meyer. Or what I suggest is loading up at the People’s Farmers’ Market on Wednesday afternoons (pictured). Located at the People’s Food Co-op, this longest running year-round market in Portland is filled to the brim with organic produce and plenty of raw-vegan-gf food offerings from local vendors. Or come for the live music and leave with garden starts of spigariello kale and Paul Robeson tomatoes!

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