Susie Knows Bethany Part 2

The food scene in the suburbs, including Bethany, has been more oriented to chain restaurants such as  Olive Garden, Red Robin and Subway. Luckily, Bethany has really stepped out of that cycle with a few great local choices.

If you are looking for something fresh and fun be sure to go to Bethany’s Table, a local favorite. The owner grew up in the country, and was used to homemade bread, fresh fruits/veggies and other local items. Memories  from her childhood combined with years of kitchen experience as well as culinary school helped her create her menu and restaurant focus. The restaurant’s menu changes with the seasons and what is fresh; to make it a place you can eat at often. Fun Fact: Did you know that Bethany Village has added a cluster of micro restaurants? This is a fantastic addition to an already changing area!!! 

Looking to move to Bethany? YOU have to be on the house the day it goes on the market, it is a very desirable area due to the really strong schools!! I recently sold two homes in Bethany. There are a variety of price ranges, but the bulk of inventory is in the 500k range.

-Susie Hunt Moran – 

-Principal Broker | Windermere – 

-503 970 9866-

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