Susie Knows Downtown Portland, Part 1

First 3 words that come to mind are charming, clean & green! Our city is growing at a rapid pace with loads of young professionals not only drawn by a healthy economy but, also the beauty of living in a small city filled with great food, good culture and fantastic access to the outdoors. A standing favorite is the PSU Farmers Market held on Wed. & Saturdays. This is more than a place to shop for your produce, it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon listening to music and checking out the interesting vendors! We are lucky to have a fantastic university right in the Park Blocks to add an international flair to an already great diverse city feel. Feel like seeing a show or listening to music? The city has a great art scene with the Keller Auditorium & the Arlene Convert Schnitzel Hall. I was lucky enough to have just seen Jackson Browne there and was reminded of the fantastic acoustics the Schnitz has, it’s a must!

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