Susie knows the Street of Dreams

For the past 25 years the Street of Dreams have gone up in cities all across America. A street filled with large luxury homes, literally a street of dreams. Top designers and innovated technicians work to make these homes like no other. When visiting a Street of Dreams, no house is similar on the street. They all have a certain distinction that pulls them apart, whether that be the steel double door front entrance or the elevator that takes you upstairs to a game room with every game in the book. Whatever it may be the Street of Dreams has pulled tons of people in over the years to visit, explore, and “aw” over these homes.

Home from a past Street of Dreams

This year the Street of Dreams is being featured in the Highlands of Lake Oswego, running from Aug., 1-30. It will include nine homes built by some of the best custom builders. A fun fact about this years event  is that it will be the first to feature one remodel. There was already a home built in this area in the 1950s, so they had someone come in and do a remodel on the home.  That’ll be something interesting and new to see.

Construction on the Highlands

Tickets are available for purchase now starting at $17 for general admission. If you have never been to a Street of Dreams event I highly recommend checking this one out. You get to walk the street and tour all the homes at your own pace. No one is rushing you through, leaving plenty of time for you to  see all there is. Programs are available upon arrival if you want more details and background on the homes and builders. They usually have a tent with live music and snacks set up also, if you need a break while touring nine huge homes; you just might! It’s a great experience, especially if you have a big interest in homes, architecture, and design.

Map of Highland lots

For interactive maps and more details on the homes on this street check out:

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