Susie Knows Portland Heights

Portland is all about the adventure lifestyle. If you find yourself in the Portland Heights neighborhood, that is just what you will get. A popular destination in this neighborhood is Washington Park. It includes a playground, a rose garden, tennis courts, Japanese gardens, amphitheater, 15 miles of hiking trails with incredible views, and the Oregon Zoo.


If you live in Kings Heights or Portland Heights this massive playground will be at your doorstep. Imagine waking up on a crisp morning, having the best view of the city, going on a walk through the beautiful park, and just taking in the imagery it has to offer.


Ainsworth Elementary and Lincoln high school are rated at the top of Portland public schools which makes this a very sought after area to purchase a home.This neighborhood is filled with Craftsman Style homes, Bungalows and English cottages to name a few, ranging in all sizes and prices ranging from 600,000- 1.5 million.


susie knows.

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