Who’s susie?

What type of question is this, Susie is someone you want to know, someone you should know, someone everyone knows! Susie is one of Portland’s top realtors. She has called Portland her home for over 35 years and resides in Colonial Heights, a great SE Portland neighborhood. She has a deep appreciation for the many styles of homes that exist in both the East and West side of the city. Living and working here for the past few decades it is clear she knows the Portland lifestyle. Everything going on in these diverse neighborhoods; from the food to the local weekly festivals. Susie knows.

This blog is all about showcasing the different Portland neighborhoods and bringing to light the lifestyle that comes along with living in them. A neighborhood is an important aspect to a home and all the Portland neighborhoods have unique lifestyles to offer. Join us in this blogosphere and follow the fun journey of Portland’s greatest homes, food, and fun.

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susie knows.

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