Susie Knows Wei Wei

The Sellwood foodie stretch on SE 13th Ave is currently bursting with delicious, affordable favorites like Reverend’s BBQ, the Sellwood food carts (w/ Thai, sushi, Indian and more) and now my latest favorite: Wei Wei. This Taiwanese eatery has a few indoor dining spots and an outdoor table but it’s become a neighborhood go-to for quick and easy (and tasty!) takeout.

In our current heatwave, I’m not yet ordering soup though people rave about theirs and I can’t wait to try it in the fall. I AM ordering the scallion pancakes and crab rangoon for starters and noodles for a main course. The House Noodles are divine (and come topped with pork) as are the Cold Noodles (sub tofu to veganize) which come with peanut sauce, spicy sauce, roasted peanuts and a rainbow of fresh veggies. I haven’t had one thing here that wasn’t fabulous.

So if you’re looking for a quick lunch or easy takeout that bursts with flavor, Wei Wei is the way to go!

To-siā, Wei Wei!

Look for the big mural on 13th Ave and you’ll find Wei Wei at 7835 S.E. 13th Ave, Suite 102 Portland, OR 97202

Hours: Closed Mondays | Open Tuesday-Sunday : 11am – 9pm

Online ordering here.

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