Susie Knows A Walk in the Park

Good morning (or afternoon … or evening … depending on what sorta food coma you’re waking from or whether you’re trapped in Black Friday chaos). Today we wanted to share some favorite hikes to burn off that gravy and commune with nature if you’re looking for a respite from consumer culture or ways to get those 10k steps. We hope you had a fabulous feast and we’ll see ya under the trees!

Hilly 4 Mile Scenic Walk on Mt. Tabor with City (And Mt Hood) Views

There a zillion ways to hike up our extinct volcano in the heart of SE Portland. And every single one is gorgeous. Here’s our suggested route if you’re new to Tabor and looking to wow your visitors with views while getting a great workout. The first 2 miles are winding uphill to the top and so the last 2 miles are your downhill victory lap! The upper reservoir offers sweeping views of downtown PDX and makes for a great sunset.

At the base of the lower reservoir on SE 60th Ave … start here!
Working your way up to the top … Downtown views from the upper reservoir.

Mt. Tabor‘s main entrance is at SE 60th Ave and Salmon.

Flatter 2.7 mile Tualatin Hills Nature Park Walk with Access to Paved Trail Alternatives

If you’re not in the mood for the 344 ft climb Mt. Tabor offers and looking for a far more level trek, consider the family-friendly Tualatin Hills Nature Park. There’s a mix of unpaved and paved trails here with enough paved to offer accessible options for both wheelchairs and strollers to bask under the trees.

Tualatin Hills Nature Park is located at 15655 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton, OR 97006

Happy hiking!

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