Susie Knows Colonial Heights Food + Fun

We currently have the most spectacular home in SE Portland up for sale in Colonial Heights – a tree-lined, old-school PDX neighborhood just east of the labyrinthine Ladd’s Addition. It’s the neighborhood I’ve lived in for decades and while its charms seem obvious to me, we’ve shown the home to many out-of-state buyers who oftentimes don’t realize quite how special this neighborhood is. It is close to everything, from movie theaters to parks to foodie favorites to quick zips to downtown. Everything inner Hawthorne, Division, Clinton streets have to offer is right in our backyard. So if I had to boil it down, here are my Colonial Heights Top 5 (in no particular order!)

Cinemagic – This historic PDX movie theater at SE 20th Ave and Hawthorne still shows new-release matinees for $6 in its single theater bursting with vintage charm (now with a gold curtain!) Recently purchased by 2 employees … we Colonial Heights residents vow to keep this in business forEVER!

Curtain photo from Cinemagic’s Instagram

Talarico’s Produce – Like the millennials say, IYKYK (If you know you know!) … this is the dream neighborhood produce stand. Fresh, local, affordable gems of seasonal fruits, veggies and then some. Giant heads of just-harvested lettuce for $1.50, Honey pluots bursting with sweetness, a bright selection of citrus for every amateur mixologist. There should be a Talarico’s in every neighborhood in the country!

Grassa – The best meatballs in the universe, plus why go to Italy when I can WALK to this carbonara and 4 cheese cacciatore?!

Photo from

Kati Thai on Division – Everything here is fresher and tastier than 95% of PDX restaurants. That said…IYKYK, you’re going for the Boss Special. The sweet & tangy tamarind sauce is the stuff dreams are made of and you’ll quickly find yourself rationing it so you can use it for future breakfasts, lunches and dinners!

Bread: Grand Central Bakery. Everyone has their Grand Central baby. Mine are the Como loaf and the Rustic Baguette. And I have heard multiple people say that one of the main reasons they can never leave Portland is because no one makes bread like Grand Central. (Or Thanksgiving pies either!) Plus, it’s the neighbor of Talarico’s Produce! What’s YOUR favorite GCB loaf?

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