Susie Knows Food Carts on 50th + Division

I follow the Korean-Hawaiian cart Namu and its sesame spinach wherever it goes from Belmont to lower Division to its current spot on SE 50th & Division. This food cart pod called The Lot at Scout boasts 5 carts centered around a beer garden off the Scout Beer Tap House.

It’s dog-friendly and makes for an easy spot for residents of Richmond & Mt. Tabor to walk to and be overwhelmed by options at what has become a hub of tastiness at the intersection of 50th & Division. (Los Gorditos, Green Zebra, North Bar & DC Vegetarian round out the other corners.)

The Lot is tiny but it packs in dog-friendly covered outdoor space for rain or sun surrounded by a fabulous variety to please every palate.

Besides the mouth-watering teriyaki bowls from Namu, my other favorite options are the sopes from Las Palomas Taqueria, the curry from Burmese Delight, the Impossible Burger from the Doghouse or a big ole protein-packed salad from Garden Monsters, which can accommodate a wide range of diets.

If you’re looking for some new outdoor dining (or Mt. Tabor picnic) options in SE Portland, give The Lot at Scout a try!

Location: 5029 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97206

P.S. And if you find yourself in the Richmond neighborhood any time soon, we’ve been hosting ongoing Open Houses at our new townhouses with no HOA for sale at 50th and Brooklyn. The next one is Saturday (5/29) from 1 to 3pm with more to follow.

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