Susie Knows MultCoLib

Stay home, save lives and our Multnomah County Library System has made that easier than ever before. Did you know that thousands of free books, shows, movies and songs are a few clicks away without leaving the couch? Here are 3 of my favorite apps/sites that are all 100% free with your MultCoLib card.

Kanopy: (6 free movie credits per month! App and/or website) An awesome selection of films, especially indie/arthouse/docs that you’re less likely to see on Netflix et al. There’s a Kanopy Kids section for the little ones and I especially love the PBS back catalogue. Laurelhurst Park enthusiasts should check out, “Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America” to learn more about the patriarch of U.S parks, his abolitionist past and his involvement with Central Park!

Hoopla: (10 free checkouts per month! App and/or website.) Hoopla is a giant digital catalogue of e-books, comics, movies, music, TV and there are even some workout videos on there like Jillian Michaels and various yoga routines. With Hoopla, you “check out” items for a few days which means you can download and watch/read/listen on the go!

Libby: E-books and audiobooks for free! When you “check them out” they download to your phone or e-reader and you’re good to go! Thousands of books are ready to download immediately but you might have to wait a little for more popular titles. Nothing like a great audiobook for walking in Mt. Tabor Park on a crisp fall day. I also love the front page of recommendations!

Libby app interface
“Borrow” means available now!

We really do have the best library in the world. (Plus, it’s fine-free now!) Stay home, stay safe and happy reading & watching!

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