Susie Knows Sellwood

With a gorgeous home currently listed in Waverly (right at the southern tip of Sellwood), I’ve got a few new nearby favorites:

1. Shiitake, potato + bacon crepe or strawberry crème brûlée crepe at Arugularium

2. Green Papaya Salad at Jade

3. Biking the Springwater Trail to Blue Kangaroo Coffee Roasters

4. Pickleball at Sellwood Park

5. Brisket or tempeh sandwich and a Moscow Mule at happy hour at Reverend’s BBQ

If you’re in the neighborhood in the next week, check out this dreamy Waverly Estate that recently went live. Golfing galore, a chef’s kitchen, designer wallpaper + lighting, and ready to host the garden party of the year!

Crepe photos by Jess Faria.

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