Paris 1900 at the Portland Art Museum painting of cafe at night by Gervex

Susie Knows “Paris 1900” at the Portland Art Museum

I’ve never felt so fancy looking at art before! Poofy dresses, gold-laced vases, elaborate combs, and about a million (painted) sparkling lights adorn “Paris 1900: City of Entertainment” – a gorgeous visiting exhibit at the Portland Art Museum that you’ve got a week left to see.

Transport to the Belle Époque in the City of Lights – when the Moulin Rouge flourished and 50 million visitors flocked to the 1900 Paris Exhibition – an Art Nouveau-infused world’s fair featuring the newest inventions of the time like a giant Ferris Wheel and moving pictures! I’ve never stared into so many paintings I want to live in. They are stunning. Don’t miss it!

P.S. On Fridays after 5pm admission is $5.

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